Firkløver Ultra 15/50/50 The Real Deal

Firkløver 50/50 The Real Deal

Firkløver Ultra 15/50/50 The Real Deal

3 days, 3 trail distances when only the fittest of the trail runners will reach their destination in the Kings’ North Zealand.

15 mile+ 50 mile+ & 50 km+ Whitsun 2018 (24km+85km+51km=100miles)

We will find the ultra trail runner who runs both 15M, 50M & 50K in the overall fastest time over 3 days, which results in a limited edition Firkløver Ultra 15/50/50 trucker cap to the participants who complete the Firkløver Ultra 15/50/50 "The Real Deal"

The run on 19th.May & Whitmonday is low key and for max 100 participants and only for participants who has signed up for the 50 mile trail race whitsunday.

Start: 19th May at 18:00 from Spidsbjerg - Gurrevej 321, 3000 Helsingør.

20th May at 07:00 / 21th May at 07:00

Bib numbers


The route are marked, but we still recommend that you download it on the GPS watch.

Dropbag: You will get your dropbag in the start and finish area at Spidsbjerg. It is your responsibility to pick it up.

Depots. Water depots at Edens Have and Spidsbjerg exactly as the day before. (Edens Have has a water tap behind the toilet facilities. Water tap at the churchyard /Spidsbjerg). There is a very small energy depot at Spidsbjerg.

Timing: On 19th. May and on Whitmonday manually and with no chip as the day before. You must run with your watch so the the time can be noted at the destination area behind Gurre church. Do not pause your watch while running. There will be a person at destination to note down the times.

Cut-off: Whitmonday at 13:00 at the second passage of Spidsbjerg. We finish and go home at 15:30!

Registration: You register for the extra days when you register for the 50 miles+

Price: 75 DKK. for the extra days.

Accommodation: Put up your tent in the woods or book a hotel in Elsinore.