Where, When, and How much?

Whitsunday – 20th May 2018.

Start & Finish Area: Spidsbjerg behind Gurre Church.

Address: Gurrevej 321, 3000 Helsingør (Elsinore)

Price: 495 DKK for the 50 mile distance; 395 DKK for the 50 km distance; 295 DKK for the 15 mile distance; 195 DKK for the 15 km distance.

The route is marked, but we strongly encourage you to download the route also. We reserve the right to fine tune the route up until and on race day.

50 miles +

Start 07:00

Pick-up of bib numbers

Between 06:00 and 06:45


Start from Spidsbjerg, Nyrup Hegn, then through Krogenberg and Danstrup Hegn, Gurre lake and then back to Nyrup Hegn. Continuing through Teglstrup Hegn, Hammermølle forest, along the beach to Kronborg Castle and back to Nyrup Hegn then down through Vangemandens indelukke to Egebæksvang and back to the finish area at Spidsbjerg


On the 50-mile trail you will get access to your dropbag twice in the start & finish area. After completing the first 2 leaves around Danstrup Hegn and Gurre lake after 36 km and again after the 3rd leaf around Teglstrup Hegn after 67 km.

50 km +

Start 50 km at 10:00

Pick-up of bib numbers

Between 09:00 and 09:45


The 50 km route is a 3 km long prologue and the last 2 leaves of the Firkløver route. Start at Spidsbjerg, to Nyrup Hegn and then through Teglstrup Hegn, Hammermølle Forest, along the beach to Kronborg Castle and back to Nyrup Hegn and then through Vangemandens indelukke to Egebæksvang og back to the finish area at Spidsbjerg.


Your will get access to your dropbag once at the start & finish area after 36 km.

Cut off at CP2 Spidsbjerg depot 16:30 after 36 km and at 19:00 in the finish area.

15 miles +

Start 15 miles at 9:00

Pick-up of bib numbers

Between 8:15 and  8:45


The 15 miles starts at Spidsbjerg, Nyrup Hegn and then takes you through Krogenberg- and Danstrup Hegn before going back through Nyrup Hegn to the finish line on top of Spidsbjerg.


Your will have access to your dropbag at the start & finish area.

15 km +

Start 15 km at 12:00

Pick-up of bib numbers

Between 11:15 and  11:45


The 15 km route is the last leaf of the complete Firkløver route. Start at Spidsbjerg, Nyrup Hegn and down through Vangemandens indelukke to Egebæksvang and back to the destination area by Spidsbjerg.

Energy and food supplies

The run is partially self-sufficient which means that you must bring your own energy supplies with you to make it through the day.

Drinks are not handed out in disposable cups in the depots, so a folding cup is part of your obligatory equipment.

The depots will provide: TailWind energy drink, water, coca cola, fruit, cinnamon buns, fruit gums, and chips.

Depots and cut-off times

Cut-off times for the 50 miles+ are indicated in the table below.

Km. Depot Km. between depoter 50 miles cut-off tider Place
0 Start     Spidsbjerg
3 Water post     Ravnebakkevej
6 Depot Ca. 6   Danstrup nordlig P-plads, Hornbækvej 
22 Depot Ca. 15   Danstrup nordlig P-plads, Hornbækvej [CP2]
32,5 Water post     Ravnebakkevej
35,5 Depot/dropbag Ca. 14,5 kl. 12:00 (5 timer) Spidsbjerg [CP3]
51 Depot Ca. 15,5   Edens have shelter [CP4]
67 Depot/dropbag Ca. 16 kl. 16:30 (9,5 timer) Spidsbjerg [CP5]
84 Finish Ca. 16 kl. 19:00 (12 timer) Spidsbjerg 


  • Trail running is a gentleman’s sport, and the Firkløver Ultra 50/50 shall be held in full respect of sport ethics, loyalty, solidarity, the environment and nature.
  • The indicated route is marked and must be followed.
  • If you leave the route by mistake, you must return to it as quickly as possible.
  • It is the participants’ own responsibility to follow the route.
  • When deemed necessary, time penalties will be given, if it is estimated that  a detour / shortcut has saved the runner time. This is indisputedly decided by trail management.
  • The route will be marked with safety lines or arrows, if there is any doubt in curves and bends, at crossroads and intersections, etc. 
  • Officials on this trail are authorised to take out runners or order them to take a break.
  • If a runner refuses to follow an order from management, the depot manager, or the doctor – disqualification.
  • Any missing obligatory safety equipment – disqualification. 
  • If a runner refuses to have obligatory equipent checked – disqualification 
  • If a runner does not help others in distress or difficulty – disqualification.
  • If a runner does get help / support / pace outside of the approved depots – 1-hour time penalty.
  • If a runner does not respect other people (organisation or runners) – 1-hour time penalty. 
  • The bib number must be worn visibly during the entire run and must never be covered. The run number must be visible on the front side of the runner, i.e. across the stomach / chest or the thigh. If the run number is not visible – No time and disqualification.
  • Anti Doping Danmark has the right to test the runners.


We want to run in a forest free from litter – and we would like to be able to organise the race again – so if anybody throws their litter in the forest, this will lead to an immediate disqualification.

Management and the people responsible for the checkpoints and the depots are authorised to uphold rules and regulations and to serve a penalty for the lack of compliance hereof.

Obligatory equipment

Obligatory equipment must follow the runner on the whole trip and appplies to the 50-mile og 50-km distances.

  • 1 whistle 
  • Bottle / soft bladder for at minimum of 1 litre of liquids 
  • Extra energy bars or drinks
  • 1 mobile phone
  • 1 folding cup / bottle, or the like (no disposable cups in the depots).

Recommended equipment for the 50-mile trail.

  • Windbreaker or waterproof jacket capable of withstanding bad weather.
  • Buff / cap


  • We recommend to install http://www.112app.dk/ on your smartphone
  • You must always have management’s phone numbers in your mobile.
  • Per Egon Rasmussen: +45 2261 3350
  • Carsten Rose Lundberg: +45 6065 4321
  • Per Hansen: +45 6162 0353
  • If you leave the race, you must inform management!
  • On both routes you will be crossing the local railway line with ungated level crossings 4 times! Please look out. The local Gilleleje train honks its horn in both directions, but the local Hillerød train only honks when the train comes from the town of Hillerød. So we strongly recommend that you do not listen to music when crossing the tracks. The train will not stop!
  • You will also be crossing som country roads with cars driving a high speed, so look out!
  • Please respect the Highway Code.
  • Your are running at your own risk.

Organiser and Management

Organiser: Firkløver Ultra 50/50 and Puls 3060

Management: Carsten Rose Lundberg, Per Egon Rasmussen, Per Hansen