Trail in the Kings’ North Zealand - Denmark

Trail & Ultra Running – From the renaissance cobblestones to the cool single tracks in dense forests across rolling commons and countryside, along lakes and beaches – you'll rarely see a more beautiful, tougher, and more cohesive trail in what is to become the future National Park- Kongernes Nordsjælland (Kings’ North Zealand).

Whitsunday – 2018 - 20th May – marks the day of our Firkløver (Four clover) Ultra 50/50 Trail – All 4 leaves of the clover are equal to 50 miles+

You may also choose one of the 3 other challenging distances:

50 km+ ultra trail run.

15 mile+ trail run.

15 km+ trail run

So why not visit the forest and have a fantastic trail run. Join us for the party in the start and finish area.

If you simply can’t get enough trail running and the challenge isn’t big enough on Whitsunday, you may also register for the Firkløver Ultra 15/50/50 "The Real Deal" which is 15 mile on 19th May; 50 miles on Whitsunday and then 50 km on Whitmonday – 100 mile ultra trail running over 3 days. This is a challenge, that only the fittest trail runners should take on.

The four leaves of the clover link the trails in Danstrup Hegn, Gurre lake, Teglstrup Hegn, and Egebæksvang via Krogenberg and Nyrup Hegn.


Registration is open!

Clear the calendar Whitsunday ...

Once again Firkløver Ultra 50/50 is on - May 20th 2018

Click here to sign up :)



iTRA & UTMB points

50 miles distance will earn you 4 iTRA points and the 50 km distance 2 ITRA points.

(NB. Still awaiting the final certification)


Partners and friends

We are always open to new partnerships or friendships, contact us if you want to be on the list :)

Here is the event